bitter misconceptions • a short story

Reality shattered as the waves cradled her. She lifted her hand up, those thin, long fingers grasping at nothing as she sunk for it was painless.

Numbness seeped through her, and she wished it would reach her heart as if it would smother all the emotions she absorbed from the outside world, but it never did. How cruel – she knew, a grievance she carried as she was coaxed into sleep.

She collided with the world but turned her head around, curiosity residing in the dark corners of her eyes, a little spark. What she saw made her chest tear with the tantalizing glimpse of something new. The light cast onto the flowers highlighted its brilliant hues, the sapphire water formed by a million tiny crystals. It would have blinded her if not the perfection this world illuminated, it wanted her to see it all. She was naive – drawn to the attractiveness of the world, the promise of it rang in her ears and for a second she pondered the risk. It was wishful thinking, but as the sand shifted to form a footstep it was forever written that she had fallen for it. 

Just another hoax.

She fell in love with it’s gentle interactions, it was seemingly different from the despondent world she had always known. The air moved around her, brushing against her skin like the touch of a butterfly which was comforting as if she was in control to move away if it ever stung.

She lifted her hand this time almost afraid of offering her touch up again but as she desperately grasped at it she felt the invisible string of hope that stitched the sky together.

She wanted to believe it so badly, pushing her mind to accept that she belonged. Her bones shivered with the pressure, heart sinking as that part of her who had grown up far too fast, comprehended the fact that this couldn’t be real. She ignored it – but it would tear her apart.

Just luck. That part of her dared to whisper.

No – she whispered back.


Oh but she grew tired of gazing at the stars. 

She had mesmerized the formation of those little specks. They no longer gave light to the world around her but were a reminder of the mundane world she was from. And it weighed her down. 

The weeks that followed brought an existential crisis. She stared at the sky for hours wondering what forged the string that held the plane together.


It reeked of it. The water was sharp like needles against her skin and she couldn’t – it wouldn’t let her run.

As her world slowly twisted into insanity.

Wreckage affront. Thread hung loose, the sky was ripped – the shell of a reality so desperately left and long ago too, filled the crevice.

She shrieked as the water grew hands, spiked with sharp nails – grimy, cold, they scratched her ankles, ascending against her chest. 

She cried like she never had before. 

Growing quiet as she shook with the visible tremor, a burden of long ago and now. The sand knew it too as it turned to rock. Never gone, the past would forever be a part of them. The girl paled, strands of shriveled hair fell across her face as she hung her head low as she had done years ago. She realized – a cruel fate that she had never truly left herself.

The world around her split, and she along with it. Out of panic, fear, she racked her surroundings screaming danger – turned to obsession as the days lay forgotten. Sobbing out of the horror of being alone. Again. 

She sought warmth but the air repelled, now brittle against her skin. Afraid – of her. 

She was left to search for invisible monsters.

Her everything continued to crumble. 

Water chilled, rocks forever lay unmoving. 

Flowers indistinguishable from rot.

And she found that part of her speaking – as the last piece fell:

❝ why do you check for the monsters,

when you’re the one who created this world ❞ 

✰ ✰ ✰

okkk that was a lot

this time i decided to combine 9 writing prompts ( august 22 – 30 ) into one piece as i found it tedious to write a piece for each and every word.

the words used:
sleep • collide • risk • bone •  death • chest • luck •  warm •  danger

it was going to be 1k words ( 680 + right now ) but i forgot how hard it is to write that much !

of course i had to tie it all up with a sad ending.

despite that i hope you enjoyed!

also i just wanted to quickly say i got inspiration from the quote:

We stopped looking for the monsters under our bed when we realize they’re inside of us.

Anonymous ( but believed to be from The Joker or Charles Darwin )

and Taylor swift’s wonderful song Hoax which i definitely listened to on repeat while writing this!

this story was meant to be pretty open. you’re free to interpret it as you want ( the girl lucid dreaming or actually being in that world of hers ).

also little shoutout to Eleanor @Wishing Upon a Star for giving amazing feedback and being so sweet ❤

anyways… i didn’t forget 𝚊𝚞𝚐𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝟹𝟷𝚜𝚝’𝚜 prompt which I got to choose myself since it wasn’t given with the rest:


“ Lavender’s blue dilly dilly 

Lavender’s Green

When am I king dilly dilly

You shall be queen ” 

A low hum sounded through the air.

A figure traced the rail with his fingers. 

He sat. 

Nails scraped the pale ground. 

They bled. 

The hum continued. 

“ Lavender’s blue dilly dilly 

Lavender’s Green

When am I king dilly dilly

You shall be queen ”  


“ Lavender’s blue dilly dilly 

Lavender’s Green

When am I king dilly dilly

You shall be queen ” 


“ Lavender’s blue dilly dilly

Lavender’s Green “

Lavenders are not blue.

Lavenders are not green.


“ Lavender’s blue dilly dilly

Lavender’s Green ”


Stupid world. 

Terrible world. 

Where flowers were only one color.



A world of black and white.


The scraping grew louder.

The figure’s head bent lower.

As the hum continued.

“ When am I king dilly dilly

You shall be queen ” 





A brutal past.

Now left with the toils of humanity.

A burden.

The figure stood up.

What madness.

Hope hung in the air.

Easily swept away. 

The figure grew smaller.

Footsteps faded.

The hum lingered.

“ Lavender’s blue dilly dilly 

Lavender’s Green

When am I king dilly dilly

You shall be queen ”

[ … ]

✰ ✰ ✰

this was something i had prewritten a while before august began and i look back at it and it’s so cringy ah??

THE MONTH IS FINALLY OVER. ( writing wise! )

it was definitely something new, despite not writing every single day ( haha ) it was still a lot of work especially with school starting 2 weeks in.

i don’t think i’ll do something like this again. i really appreciate writing when it comes naturally, that way it’s not forced and you can really do your best.

𝓶𝓲𝓷𝓭𝓼𝓮𝓽 𝓭𝓸𝓮𝓼 𝔀𝓸𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓻𝓼
ignore me : )

anyways thank you so much for sticking with me as i stumbled through a bunch ( srsly ) bittersweet material with a few bits of occasional light stuff.

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