breast cancer awareness month // from a teenager

this is a very important topic to me, but before i get more into it i want to clarify one thing:

my goal is not to gain pity, or attention from this post. i want to share my experience with having a loved one who dealt with breast cancer and encourage more funding and awareness.

exactly one year ago, my mother passed away from breast cancer.

it wasn’t a matter of realizing she had it too late, in fact she had no family history of this. she was diagnosed not once, but twice. once in 2016, and the other in 2019.
2016 was stage 2 cancer, but thankful she was cured 2 years later.
in 2019 she had gotten it again, but this time it was stage 4 – the highest, meaning the cancer was spreading.

see cancer is a disease that takes and takes and takes. recognizing it early can help, and those who have, have a higher chance of surviving and it being cured, but unfortunately it isn’t guaranteed.
breast cancer is a common cancer and more than 240,000 people are diagnosed with it per year. anyone can get breast cancer.
of course, despite what you identify as if do you have them ( breasts ) screening is especially important, and even more as you grow older ( 20’s + ). my mother was diagnosed for the first time when she was in her late 30’s.
another thing to keep in mind, if you have a close relative with breast cancer, your risk increases.

if you feel the risks apply to you, please take the time to click on the links:
β€’ information on breast cancer screening
β€’ more information
β€’ spotting breast cancer

πš•πš˜πš πšŽπš›πš’πš—πš πš’πš˜πšžπš› πš›πš’πšœπš”

this is especially important if you have a family history of breast cancer.

please note that this does not guarantee anything, if you feel that you are in the risk range please check this out.

[ these are tips on how to be a healthier in general ]

  • working out / exercising regularly – this falls into many categories, but that only says how important that is. if you’re ever looking for workouts sanne vander @youtube is a favorite of mine. she is so positive and motivational ❀
  • avoiding sugar – this is something i’ve been told as i have a high risk of breast cancer due to family history. again, this is a huge one in addition to eating healthy and avoiding processed foods
  • managing stress – although it was unsure of what caused my mother’s cancer, stress was a huge part of her life and without it, there could have been so many positive changes. there is a game called flow which you can play on crazy games lol it’s calming.

unfortunately, there are many things you can’t control like risk factors, however being healthy has so many benefits.

if you want more information, this article explains everything you need to know about breast cancer.

πšŒπš‘πšŠπš—πšπšŽ πšœπšπšŠπš›πšπšœ πš πš’πšπš‘ πšŠπš πšŠπš›πšŽπš—πšŽπšœπšœ

πš‹πšžπš πšŠπš πšŠπš›πšŽπš—πšŽπšœπšœ πš’πšœπš—’𝚝 πšŽπš—πš˜πšžπšπš‘

those who have cancer have a greater risk of severe illness from covid, as immune systems are weakened through certain treatments.

in fact, research is at risk due to the current situation in the world.

please consider donating to one of the organizations below or clicking on the links:

β€’ Donate to American Institute for Cancer Research
β€’ Donate to American Cancer Society
β€’ Donate to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
β€’ Donate to St. Jude – End childhood cancer
β€’ Breast Cancer Charities List
β€’ What You Can Donate to Help People With Cancer – Give more than money


cancer is always scary. whether you know someone who has a loved one dealing with cancer, or who has it, please support them.

what someone identifies themselves as and the color of someone’s skin should not matter. remember, anyone can get breast cancer. because of these opinions, many are not getting the treatment and support they need.

be the spark in that person’s life. many people who have a loved one going through cancer hide their feelings, as they are scared to upset those around them, especially the one who has cancer. lend them a shoulder to cry on, words don’t need to be said all the time.

keep those who are going through cancer company. offer to help them out, spend time with them, drive them to appointments if you can. cancer leaves many drained, tired, and even in pain. they’re scared too.

be mindful that cancer patient’s immune systems are often weak from therapy. avoid being around them if you are sick as to not infect them. it is also recommended not to bring flowers or pets near the person.

β€’ here are some thoughtful gifts you can give to a cancer patients
β€’ more gift suggestions
β€’ supporting a friend who has cancer
β€’ when someone you know has cancer
β€’ a guide to supporting your friend when someone in their family has cancer

[ if you have more links on cancer / breast cancer, please leave them in the comments. i will add them ]

if you or someone you know is going through cancer please don’t hesitate to talk to me. i will support you, i understand. you can send me an email through my contact page. my email is

and of course, continue to show support for other issues in the world as well:

support black trans lives

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donate forΒ free

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please take the time to educate yourself on other issues around the world and see what you can do to help [ here ]

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my mom always wanted me to talk about cancer. so mom, this is for you ❀