only on lifestyle.

award saturday aka all liebster awards

5 in one! thank you to all who’ve nominated me!

bitter misconceptions • a short story

where i combine a bunch of prompts

short pieces ✰ week 3

i had too much fun writing these little snippets

week 2 ✰ writing prompts ( light )

here we go again ahhhh

one word writing prompts ✰ week 1

one month, one word titled pieces ~ aka i try to develop a writing style

poll at end!

reacting to my old diaries

going back to 2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th * beware *

mid summer check in * kinda chaotic *

CHAOS. > beware <

sunshine blogger award!

my first award!

embarrassing bujo ( jan – june )

just embarrassing *hides*

books that are worth your summer and more

recommendations, books i want to read + reading corner!

officially a potterhead again – get to know me through fangirling

houses, favorites, ships, and more! beware ranting and extreme fangirling!