hello frens

hi there wonderful. i’m sara

( sah – rah plsss )

teen ♥ she / her ♥ writer ♥ cat lover ♥ Indian american ♥ blogger ♥ ambivert ♥ diys / reading ♥ beware the fangirling

as you can see, i’m just a typical teenager in this not so typical world ; )

i have a passion give and to spread the love everywhere, as well as share the highlights of my life, both the fantastic and the crazy moments ( i warn you i can be pretty crazy )! my personal mission is really to encourage more and more people to give and help out those who really need it. i also want to try and be more positive myself since i am an optimist turned pessimist ahh

to get to know me all you really need to know is [ simple warning ]: if you ever have a conversation with me in person then i will start fangirling – yes sorry. 😃 sometimes i don’t even know what i’m talking about and my personality and i are all over the place ( crazy and random included ). hehe. i’m always in a type of mood ( good moods too! ) throughout the day, but even i’m not sure 🙃

upon the request of my annoying bestie who demanded that she was given a line in my bio here goes: ” wear the same color shirt and your shoes ” * rolls eyes * honestly

anyways that’s enough about me. in case you’re confused about what i’m doing here on my blog, here’s a post you can check out to know: about the bob the blog

ok, that’s all about me! i’d love to hear all about YOU and chat with you guys! have a great day!  ♥️


38 thoughts on “about

  1. Hi, Sara!!
    Just found your blog and I’m very excited!!
    I’m looking forward to check out more of your posts!
    I’m your new follower, hope we can be good friends!!💖

    Stay safe,
    Ave from The Girls Glow Up Blog.

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  2. Hi Sara ! I just found your blog and I am loving it 🙂 And you are not bad at asthetics at all…I am worse !I have changed my blog asthetics and color theme so many times ….hope to get to know u better and become blogging friends
    Also would u like to swap buttons
    And when did u start blogging just curious

    Liked by 1 person

    1. of course! i would love to be friends and swap buttons! and about the aesthetics – thank you so much! i started blogging around two months ago – i launched my blog on may 22 ( really specific haha )!

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  3. Hello! Just found your blog and I adore it 🤩 Can’t wait to binge your posts (hopefully) soon! I’m also an ambervert and I think it’s so cool that you’re one too bc I feel like basically no one knows about them.. so I thought that was cool 🙂 Also YESSS I so understand being an optimist turned pessimistic 😂 I have the same issue lol
    anyways, love ur blog!

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    1. ahh thank you so much!! i do hope you enjoy reading them when do you get to it! yes i don’t know many ambiverts – i’m usually shy around my family and others but honestly so crazy around my really close friends and lets be honest on my blog as well! 😂 haha hopefully we can be optimists again ( see what i did there? *hope* ) nice to meet you! thank you so much again ❤

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  4. Hey, I’m Maycee
    You seem so sweet! I’m 15 and in 10th grade.
    I’m homeschooling for the first year, and I’m not really enjoying it so, I NEED FRIENDS!
    hoping that we can chat more *sigh*
    – Maycee

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  5. Hi! omg you´re hilarious and relatable. it´s so nice to meet you! And I lovee your blog design and wow. I hope you can perhaps maybe check out mine?

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