embarrassing bujo ( jan – june )


why am i doing dis. halp



well anyways if you are a pro at bullet journals i highly recommend not seeing the pics of my bullet journal which may cause you to cringe so hard you never look at yours ever again

dadada dunnn

let the hunger humiliation games begin


tread carefully my friends


you ready??

or not

january cover art

i don’t own the pic on the left

do you really wanna know which one is mine.

oh my god haha i think it’s obvious eep

don’t worry it gets worse ( i think you should worry )

january mini calendar

you literally can see the marks from behind gosh

planner part

oh my god. EWWWWWW

y’all i failed at cursive in like 3rd grade!

such a professional mhm

the rest of my weeks look like that too, sad and disgusting and blue *shiver*

moving on ( i actually had a mood log, but i guess it wasn’t that bad )


it just gets so so worse eheh πŸ₯³

february cover art ( haha you call this art noo ) + mini calendar

*there are literally eraser shavings stuck*

its so.

planner part

ok. ok?! hehe

no eraser shavings, well done.

not much to say here other than the fact that i messed up the dates ( as usual ) and had to fix this glorious piece of penmanship.

also on friday the 21st it says horror movie release date. first of all i think it’s for Knives Out and second of all i hate horror movies so why did i have that in there??? oh ma god it was an alien


so very quickly, the left is my mood log and right is a page for february memories. my coloring skills are on top


lucky month – i think not!

so the worstly draw parts were um :

planning part

its blurred for your eyes

see when i said i usually messed up the days? yup.

mood log

my month of march was as messed up as this mood log

i mean what?!

yea so uh



warning: again, if you are a professional bujo – er be cautious because my art skills have gone to a whole new level

let’s start with something “ok”

april cover art + mini calendar

oh my goodness those poor wittle chicks eee

lets just say – marvelous idea gone wrong

planner part

( brace yourselves )

warning intact


*internal screeeeaming*

my literally thought process was like whatever

well i wish i hadn’t “whatevered” because this is what happens huh

ok one more

mood log


no words here then


so may wasn’t that bad i guess but since when have i been right lol wut

may cover art + mini calendar

ew more eraser shavings

oh what a miracle!

planning part

lol i really thought i did something here didn’t i

mood log

yes really




i had a whole workout plan thing and a memories section as well but i think we’re good right?


well i actually tried * don’t believe that lol *

mini calendar

haha look at that sunset ( it’s not even a sunset )

oh btw: the words at the top are ” hoping i would see your face again” from the song polaroid ( something i listened to a year ago but somehow had the lyrics stuck in my head at 12:00 am )

oh my gosh i really hope my dad didn’t read that

planner part


well i still got a few more days to fill in *hides*

lets just say june was not the month

haha welll

that was an interesting run…

you still there? you made it!

πšŠπš—πš’πš πšŠπš’πšœ

i hope i was able to somewhat entertain you with this monstrosity of a journal.

i will be hiding now, away from the humility that has encased me

just kidding – this was all for fun and i personally enjoyed this * what type of species likes to embarrass themselves? *

i’d love to agree with you in the comments and talk! remember that you’re an amazing, wonderful person ❀

23 thoughts on “embarrassing bujo ( jan – june )

  1. Is it bad that this post was the funniest thing ever? πŸ˜‚
    Honestly it’s not that bad girl (ok it’s pretty bad but….) I can never even muster the energy to bujo so A+ for effort πŸ˜†

    Liked by 3 people

  2. I’ve always wanted to be a bujo…. but mehπŸ˜‚ This was really encoouraging and entertaining! πŸ˜‰I love the January mini calendar and the February cover art!❀ That was really aesthetic!πŸ’• Once again, your writing style brings smiles!😊

    Liked by 2 people

    1. haha! yup – i hope to get better or at least try ( because let’s be honest i obviously put zero effort into this am i right ) and thank you! funny because jan and feb’s calendars were the only parts i really tried on. and aww it’s nice of you to say that it’s *aesthetic* but come on – it’s kinda all over the place ( which is ok! ) i’m glad you like my writing style – i want it to be unique and im honestly so glad i made you smile haha! have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Aww really I’m sure you’lll get better! πŸ˜‰Maybe it isn’t honestly *aesthetic* but its way better than what I could have done! πŸ’•Have a great day Sara!😊

        Liked by 1 person

      1. oh awesome! i can help: go to your account settings and put the proper link under where it says ‘web address’ – hope this helps and if it doesn’t feel free to tell me!

        Liked by 1 person

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