finger crochet face mask adapters

never in my life did i ever think i would be crocheting face mask adapters, let alone face masks. but there are a lot of things my tiny brain couldn’t even guess so there was that.

anyways one day someone informed me * intense vocab word * of how i could make face mask adapters and donate them, so nurses / doctors / those who need face masks could wear them comfortably.


i whipped out my crochet hook, galloped to my computer and vigorously crocheted * is that even a word? it probably is * a beautiful face mask adapter. if you look at the picture you already know i’m being sarcastic. i mean honestly:

what even was that. a tiny little bundle of wool? 😬 no one could call that an adapter. which brings us to this post. so i decided for my very first actual post, i would try to explain how to finger crochet a face mask adapter ( which may be easier ) for those who want to make them but just can’t crochet using a hook – like maw. i couldn’t find any videos on finger crocheting an adapter so here are my annoying directions:

ok so the materials are very simple:

  • 6 – 7 feet of thick yarn ( if you have thin yarn it will take you forever and will be very frustrating * trust me * ) – also when i say thick yarn i recommend the yarn / wooly types, or the ones with a smooth texture, not the fuzzy one i’m going to be using which sheds a bit and leaves bits of fuzz everywhere * shame on me 🤦‍♀️ *
  • skisors – i’m sorry i couldn’t help it

ok now * insert professional title *

how to finger crochet face mask adapters

first you want to make a slipknot. i’m not very good at explain this, but fortunately there are many videos that explain this extremely well so: how to tie a slipknot video – timestamp – @0:45

please ignore my ugly fingers

once you’ve made your slipknot, you’re going to reach through the loop, grab the string ( not the tail – the tail is shorter than the string ) and you’re going to pull the string through the loop. if the new loop is too large / loose, tug on the tail – not too hard to tighten / shorten. don’t make it too short. that’s one chain. you’re going to chain until the length is about 4 – 5 inches depending on how long you need it to be.

around 4 and a half inches

your adapter should have a pattern like that, except depending on the thickness of your string, you may have more chains and it may be smaller. moving on, the very last loop of your chain should be large to tie it off later ( that’s what i do, but there are definitely many ways ). now you’re going to start growing your adapter ( grow the width ). there are little gaps in each of the chains. you’re going to stick the string through one of the gaps to form a tiny loop. then do it with the gap in the next chain ( on the left or right depending on which direction your chains go).

once you reach the end of your chain you can either make the adapter even wider/ taller depending on which angle or you can leave it. if you want it to be taller / wider, continue making loops, by sticking the string through the loop ( not the gap in the chain but the loop coming from the gap ) but this time you’re moving left to right instead of how you moved right to left the first time ( or vice versa depending on which direction your chains / loops go ) if you’re already satisfied with the height of the mask then here’s how to finish it off: grab two loops and pinch the string into a loop. then stick the string pinched into a loop through the other two loops and pull to form kind of like a sideways slipknot. then grab the slipknot loop and another loop and stick the string – again pinching it into a loop through and pull into a sideways slipknot. keep on doing this until you reach the end.

two loops above – string on far left is the string you pinch through

when you reach the end you can tie the loop with the other big loop ( the one i mentioned earlier ) to secure the adapter. then you can cut the loops ( that you tied ) open and trim them so they’re not so visible. you can also trim the tail on the other side of the adapter.

you can sew on buttons ( but make sure you wrap the thread you’re using to sew the buttons with around some of the string that makes up the adapter for extra security, especially if you’re using fuzzy string like i am 👍 ) if you’re donating, you might not have to sew on the buttons since you may need specific buttons, but make sure to ask!!

finished product

and then you’re done! 😅

these are honestly so easy to make as soon as you get the hang of it! they’re so fun to make and you can get through them super quickly especially when you’re listening to your favorite music 🎵 pop for me!! 🎵


so realllllly quickly i want to talk about the giving in this and also talk about the objective of this: to donate as many face mask adapters as you can – no matter what style, what pattern, if it still works, great! it doesn’t matter how it looks ( i mean look at the picture of mine haha ), as long as it works, also great! even if you donate one, mission complete!

some hints: so i know it may be hard to find a place to donate to, but here’s an idea – search up hospitals around where you live and ask them or see if they are asking for any donations. another great way is simply by going to social media, i mean there are so many people that live in your area that are doing the same, and i’m sure they’d love to give you some ideas on where and how to donate. i’m sorry i can’t be of much help since we all live in different places, but i promise you that there’s always a way!

anyways let me know in the comments if my instructions made sense. if they don’t for you, there is a video finger crocheting a chunky knit blanket which has basically the same pattern and style as mine, but the dimensions are wayyyy different. for cat lovers go to 2:05 😍😍😻😻

anyways that’s all for now! remember that you’re all amazing and wonderful people! stay safe 😀


14 thoughts on “finger crochet face mask adapters

  1. aww im so glad! yes its wonderful to know people are actually doing this! also tysm, your comment really made my day! hope you are safe! ❤

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    1. oh thank you so much! it was fun – i personally enjoy doing this. and it’s alright! crocheting takes time, even finger crocheting! you should have seen my fist attempts at it… haha! 😀

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